Janice M. Asuque
Freelance Makeup Artist

Makeup Design Academy (MDA), without a doubt, is the best school for anyone who wants to learn makeup artistry. I have completed all their modules, from Beauty and Fashion Photographic Makeup, Corrective Makeup Technique, Airbrush Makeup and Character Makeup & Special Effects. The knowledge imparted and ideas shared, made me formulate my own techniques and styles.

From being a full-time homemaker to a full-fledged Professional Makeup Artist, I get paid doing what I love. It has been an exciting and rewarding experience.

I highly recommend MDA for everyone who share the same passion for the art. It will truly pay for itself. Absolutely worth it!.

Thank you MDA family!

*you can visit my website at anetski.com to see some of my works.



Gaida Lector- Claridades
Bridal Makeup Artist

MDA has opened a lot of opportunities for me. Aside from learning the techniques and secrets of the makeup and aesthetics world, MDA has helped me understand its true concept and how to be successful in this industry.

  • MDA has given me a chance to work in different magazines, be part of various grand events, and be able to interact with lots of celebrities.
  • By applying the skills I've learned from the short course, I was able to participate in bridal events and competitions, and became the grand champion as well.
  • Being a professional makeup artist doesn't just happen overnight. The road to success takes a lot of effort, hardwork, dedication and love for this craft.
  • Being a Professional Makeup Artist for seven years, I am proud to say that MDA is indeed a big part of who and what I am today.



Rogen Arizala
A proud graduate of MDA

Make up is my passion, so when I formalized my knowledge, I chose MDA. The lessons are properly structured. Instructors are the best in the industry and staff are friendly. Their basic course is already a very strong foundation and by just completing it you can already compete in the market. Advanced courses are available for those who wants to further their skills… For me MDA is simply the best. It is highly recommended.





Riza Bauzon

Bridal, Debut, Events and Editorial Make-up Artist
Part-Time Instructor

Am very proud to be part of one of the pioneer batches in MDA, way back when it was just starting its footprint in the make-up academy. What I like about MDA is its blended learning approach to teach hair and make-up, with the right mix of theories, hands-on experience, and field exposure. I also enjoy the chance to meet fellow make-up artists and learn from them as well. The opportunities that the school has provided paved the way for me to fulfill my passion and become a freelance professional make-up artist in weddings, debuts, events, and editorial, to name a few, and even become part of its pool of part-time instructors.  MDA puts high importance on professionalism in the make-up industry.  Am forever grateful and I look forward to more opportunities that the school has to offer :-)



Mimie Estocado

Freelance Makeup Artist

Enrolling in MDA made me remember a part of me that is always been artistically inclined.

I loved every time spent in every class. From Professional Makeup Artistry, Fashion and Photography, Bridal Hairstyling and Make-up to Film and Tv Makeup for Character and Special Effects.

I guess, by doing something  you are passionate about whether as a hobby or for a living plus the motivation ,  techniques, trends, most-up-to-date tips, and hands-on training is a big leap for me.  Since I started from scratch , the connections, the owners, instructors, co MUA’s and the exposures,  basically helped me to build my career.



Angelito C. Panganiban

Hair and Makeup Artist
Loreal Cerified Hair Colorist
Salon Owner

MDA will always be a part of my success. As a Salon Owner I was able to apply all the things I have learned from them and they will always find time to check and ask if I need anything. MDA is family, they will always make you feel one. I will always be proud to be part of MDA.




Victoria Elica May A. Ponce de Leon

Freelance Makeup Artist
Training Specialist (Full time job)

I'd like to share one thing I have been dreaming about. Back in 2014 I was supposed to apply as a student in Makeup Design Academy, however, my full time job was in the night shift. Attending the sessions would be difficult because they hold it during the day, so I was weighing my options if I can do both at that time, then I decided it's probably not the right time for me. 

I am passionate about learning the basic foundation of makeup, I love playing with colors, paint my friends' faces as if they were my canvas. One person believed in me and invited me to her makeup stint, that one day made me decide to take the leap and go for something I love doing. 

MDA has given me an opportunity to hone my skill in makeup application, build new knowledge and gave me that basic foundation I was looking for. Graded work, receiving feedback,  assignments at the end of the module and finals. All those tasks may be challenging but the discipline it teaches you mean you will carry the name of MDA and once you step out of the makeup school, you become a brand ambassador of MDA. 

Formal learning from MDA gave me those AHA moments, now I am ready to explore and experience my learnings from Makeup Design Academy. 

As for my experiences, I've worked on a graduating doctor, as MUA of a groom's family, entourage and then some. As a starting makeup artist, it's going to be an on-going practice to sharpen one's skill, more stints mean more opportunities as a learner and artist. 

Thank you, MDA! 



Owel Ardiente

Celebrity Makeup Artist | Freelance Makeup Artist

As a make up artist, I've been in different struggles that I was able to overcome over time. One good thing about it is it means I can start building my career right away while exerting an art to it. Hence it also means I have to finish the compliance that the school MDA requires to set a particular curriculum in such course. In a year of experience of make up artistry teaches things that can make a day to day remarkable for every future client. As I learn how to do the art of beautifying clients, thanks to MDA, now I realize how blessed I am for having such skills.. And also in becoming a better decision-maker as to how people with different

jobs interact to come up with a final make up product that makes sense to recreate that atmosphere of artistry.




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